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“Plane Talk” is hosted by: Jon King Roberts - private pilot, musician, entertainer; Dave Bashy - Certificated Flight Instructor whose instruction is focused on aviation safety and pilot proficiency; and Derek Lagasse – Private Pilot, student of an Aviation Degree College Program. You can interact with the hosts and their guests by commenting in the show’s live “online chats” which are opened while the show is broadcasting or via twitter at @theplaneguys or #theplaneguys.

Listen to Howie Marlin reporting from AirVenture 2013, Oshkosh, WI - Oshkosh Reports 2013

"Plane Talk" is the only talk show in the world exclusively dedicated to the General Aviation and community of pilots. Listen to opinions and commentary about current General Aviation issues and news events with some dose of humor. Also explore all aspects of flying, aviation training, proficiency and safety. Listen to remote guests from different fields of aviation including expert flight instructors. You can text or email the show with any aviation related question, suggestion or opinion.

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"Plane Talk" was nominated for
the “Spreaker Show of the Year Award”

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