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IMC Club News

Aviation News by IMC News

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  • 02 Jul 2014 9:51 AM | by IMC News Service (Administrator)

    IMC Club Partners with EAA to Establish The IFR Proficiency Center at AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI

    Oshkosh, WI - The IMC Club and the EAA today announced the inauguration of a new skill-building center at AirVenture 2014. The IFR Proficiency Center will be a hub for instrument pilots and will feature Tech Talks, IMC Club chapter meetings, and eight Redbird flight simulators on which pilots can gauge their instrument proficiency by flying various approach scenarios. Sim pilots will be able to communicate  with ATC through PilotEdge, which will provide live ATC services. Instruction and help at the center will be provided by NAFI flight instructors.

    “Instrument flying skills are key to a great many of our members” - said Jack Pelton, Chairman of EAA. “The IFR Proficiency Center will add an important dimension to AirVenture and another destination site for our guests.”

    The IFR Proficiency Center will feature six different Tech Talks, two per day, conducted by noted experts from Jeppesen. Topics will include glass cockpit secrets; weather planning; and instrument chart tips and tricks. In addition, each day The IMC Club will conduct a model chapter meeting, open to all, to demonstrate the “organized hangar flying” The Club is known for. Running throughout each day at The Center will be eight Redbird flight simulators where pilots can sign up to test and improve their proficiency by flying multiple instrument approaches under the direction of actual air traffic controllers.

    “The IMC Club is proud to partner with the EAA to establish The IFR Proficiency Center” - said Radek Wyrzykowski, founder and President of The IMC Club. “This is a unique attraction at AirVenture and a great way to help pilots feel more comfortable and capable in our instrument system.”

    The IFR Proficiency Center will be open every day, Monday through Sunday of AirVenture. There is no charge to participate.

  • 30 Apr 2014 3:24 PM | by IMC News Service (Administrator)
    First IMC Club Chapter in Canada Opens in Calgary

    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    - The first chapter of the IMC Club International in Canada will be established on Wednesday, May 7th, when pilots meet at Springbank Airport, outside of Calgary.

    Since its inception over three years ago, the IMC Club has grown from four pilots in Norwood, Mass., to over two thousand members globally.

    The first meeting of the IMC Club Calgary will be held at Calgary Flying Club, Alberta, Canada, host of the IMC Club Chapter there. The IMC Club Calgary meeting is open to all current, non-current, and future instrument pilots. At the meeting, prospective members will be given the opportunity to meet and interact with IMC Club founder and President Radek Wyrzykowski.

    “I am very happy that we have the opportunity to grow and expand our general aviation Instrument Aviation Safety mission. I want to thank Steve Peach, our first chapter leader in Canada for allowing us this opportunity. It is going to be a privilege for me to meet with our pilot friends in Calgary” – said Radek Wyrzykowski, the president of the IMC Club.

    Located along the spectacular Foothills of the Canadian Rockies, the Calgary Flying Club (CFC) has been a hub of aviation activity, friendship and learning since 1927. Members come to CFC from all over the world for the comradeship, training opportunities, and access to a diverse fleet of rental aircraft.

    Steve Peach is the president of the newly created IMC Club Calgary Canada chapter. Originally from Saskatchewan, Steve joined the Air force when he was 17, received his Engineering Degree in 1976, and flew back-seat on CF101 Voodoos for 5 years. In 1978 Steve received his PPL and purchased his first share in an airplane. He moved to Alberta in 1981. Steve owns a Grumman Tiger, a four place 180 HP airplane that comfortably carries him and his family at 135 knots on enjoyable cross country flights.

    The IMC Club, through its worldwide chapters, provides organized “hangar flying” and focuses on building proficiency in instrument flying. The IMC Clubs concept is to bring together IFR-rated pilots who fly in the real-world “actual IMC” and provide them an opportunity to share stories, network with the larger pilot community, and gain insights and tips for their IFR flying. All stories and scenarios produced by the club for use during chapter meetings are real and are based on submissions from their members.

    Opening of the Calgary Canada chapter continues IMC Club growth on four continents, with more than 100 chapters in North America, South America, Europe and Africa.
  • 07 Apr 2014 9:42 PM | by IMC News Service (Administrator)

    EFB Challenge Launched To Advance The Use Of iPad & Tablet EFBs

    Lakeland, FL - MyGoFlight and the IMC Club announced a jointly led contest to understand and advance the use of low cost, readily available tablets such as an iPad as an EFB. Interested pilot contestants will enter local contests and winners will advance to regional events. Regional finalists will compete nationally during EAA AirVenture 2015 in Oshkosh. Pilots will be measured on their use of the tablet as an EFB in terms of efficiency, proficiency and accuracy in aeronautical decision making during flight planning, pre-flight and in-flight real world situations.

    The goals are to: 1) Create an understanding of how pilots use their EFBs and identify what proficiency looks like 2) Identify where improvements to tools or instruction are needed. 3) Get more pilots to see and understand the benefits of flying with an EFB 4) Identify the best of the best!

     “The iPad has seen fast adoption by a large number of pilots,” said Tom Haines, AOPA Editor in Chief and EFB Challenge sponsor.  “Yet there is much we need to learn about how these devices are being used and where opportunities exist for pilots to expand their capabilities or where apps need to improve. We look forward to providing our input into this effort and seeing the results.”

    “For the first time, there is a single device that can be consistently found in airplanes old and new, owned and rented and in general, commercial and military aviation – the iPad” said Tom Bliss, Publisher of AvWeb and EFB Challenge sponsor. “This has never happened before. What does this mean? What needs to be done to take advantage of this situation? We want to help find out.”

    The first contest took place during Sun-n-Fun 2014 in Lakeland, Florida during MyGoFlight’s iPad Takes Flight! – EFB Challenge forum sessions.

    “The EFB Challenge is a way to showcase the capabilities of pilots & the iPad” said Charles Schneider, CEO of MyGoFlight. “We want to demonstrate how EFBs can be used by pilots to make flying safer and more enjoyable. We want to promote more advanced use and wider adoption of the iPad and EFBs.”

    “Our goal is for pilots and their instructors to incorporate the iPad as an EFB,” said Radek Wyrzykowski, president, IMC Club International. “It is important to establish proficiency standards and to help build capabilities that go far beyond paper chart replacement. Capabilities that will help pilots make better and faster decisions.”

    IMC Chapters will host local and regional contests. If you would like to enter a contest, please go to www.imcclubs.org/efbchallenge or www.mygoflight.com/efbchallenge/ and sign up for the EFB Challenge newsletter. You will be contacted as contests are scheduled. Flight schools, military and commercial operators are also welcome to create contests that can then compete on a regional level along with IMC Clubs. Interested operators should contact Charles Schneider by email on cschneider@mygoflight.com to discuss participation. Progress of the EFB Cont future contest dates and locations can be found on www.facebook.com/EFBChallenge.

    Additional sponsors are being sought to help support this important research. Sponsors can provide input into the questions asked and will receive detailed information of contest results and findings. If you would like to consider becoming a sponsor, please contact Charles Schneider on cschneider@mygoflight.com or call 303.364.7400 x111.

  • 06 Apr 2014 10:14 AM | by IMC News Service (Administrator)

    Sunglasses Manufacturer for the U.S. Military - the Newest Sponsor of the IMC Club

    Lakeland, FL – Randolph Engineering, a manufacturer of sunglasses for pilots and the military, announced it has become a corporate sponsor of the IMC Club. Besides its financial support as our newest sponsor, Randolph Engineering  will provide its Aviator Sunglasses for use as awards and promotions given by the IMC Club to its members.

    Originally built for the U.S. Military, the flagship Aviator Sunglasses surpass rigid mil-spec standards. Standard issue since 1982, these are battle tested glasses and can withstand the most rigorous and demanding use. Pilots, fashion stylists, and those who demand the very best wear Randolph’s Aviator Sunglasses.

    “We are very excited to have Randolph Engineering become a corporate platinum supporting sponsor.” - said Radek Wyrzykowski, president of the IMC Club International. “Randolph Engineering is an iconic brand which fulfills a growing demand for genuine, well-made products with a strong American heritage. It is still owned and operated by three generations of Polish immigrant families, along with a highly skilled and dedicated American workforce. I want to thank them for their support”.

    "Randolph Eyewear is proud of our aviation heritage, crafting Made in USA sunglasses for military and civilian pilots for over 30 years." - said Mary Waszkiewicz, the Marketing Manager at Randolph Engineering “We are excited to help the IMC Club to promote their mission to make pilots more proficient and make flying safer.”

    As a special incentive for the formation of new Chapters, the first five new IMC Club Chapter Applications which are received by the end of the second week following Sun’n-Fun 2014 will benefit from a generous Randolph Eyewear promotion. Along with our standard New Chapter Package, these Chapters will also receive one FREE pair of the iconic Aviator Sunglasses ($200 Value)

    The IMC Club, through its nationwide network of local chapters, provides organized “hangar flying” focused on building proficiency in instrument flying. It’s the only organization of its kind. Believing that safety and proficiency are developed through education and experience, IMC Club’s monthly meetings use real world scenarios to engage members and allow them to share and build their piloting experience. 

  • 04 Apr 2014 10:52 AM | by IMC News Service (Administrator)

    First Winner of the “Brown Jacket Award” is Announced

    Lakeland, FL - Winner of the IMC Club “Brown Jacket Award” was announced today. This year’s award goes to Andrew Dow, Chief Flight Instructor at Great River Aviation and Aviation Program Coordinator at Quincy University, Quincy, IL

    The IMC Club International awards the Brown Jacket to one general aviation pilot each year. The award recognizes excellence in three areas: Flight proficiency, Continuing Education and Service to the aviation Community. The designation identifies and publicly recognizes those pilots who are demonstrating an ongoing commitment to excellence, professional growth, and service to the aviation community and it sets standards to which all instrument pilots can aspire.

    The designation requires a process of continuing aviation activity and it is awarded annually to one individual only. In addition to the “Instrument Master” leather flight jacket, the winner will receive valuable prices provided by the IMC Club supporting aviation industry corporate members.

    The award is announced each year at the Sun-n-Fun aviation show in Lakeland, Florida starting in 2014 and presented at the AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI.

    Andrew began instructing in 2003 and within three years became Chief Flight Instructor at Great River Aviation in Quincy Illinois. He is an adjunct professor and program coordinator with Quincy University’s Aviation Program and works as a Part 135 Chief Pilot. In addition, Dow volunteers as a FAASTeam representative, is an aviation merit badge counselor for the Boy Scouts of America and serves as chapter leader of the IMC Club in Quincy Illinois.

    “I would like to congratulate Mr. Dow on being the first recipient of this prestigious aviation award. I would like to also thank him for his commitment to excellence and contribution to the General Aviation” – said Radek Wyrzykowski the President of the IMC Club.

    “I wanted to thank the Board of Review and the Board of Directors at IMC Club for honoring me with this award.  The IMC Club is a great organization as it helps bring together pilots to learn more and share knowledge about IMC flying.  I am very happy to be a part of such an organization.” – said Andrew Dow.

    The Board of Review of the “Brown Jacket Award” also recognized Larry Levine of Rhode Island Chapter as the first runner up.

  • 31 Mar 2014 3:05 PM | by IMC News Service (Administrator)

    iFlightPlanner Releases iFlightPlanner for iPad v2.0 with IMC Club Proficiency Tracker

    Ann Arbor, MI – iFlightPlanner officially announced the release of iFlightPlanner for iPad v2.0, the highly-anticipated upgrade to its iPad-based flight planning solution presented by Sennheiser. In addition to countless enhancements to the pilot experience throughout the app, iFlightPlanner for iPad now parallels the intuitive flight planning functionality found on iFlightPlanner.com with enhanced location-based features made possible by the iPad. The all-new features include;

            • Digital Pilot log with currency and IMC Club proficiency tracker
            • Intuitive route planning with FAA auto-routing, SIDs & STARs
            • Detailed navigation logs with fuel, time & distance en route
            • FAA certified weather briefs via CSC DUATS
            • Integrated weight & balance calculator for nearly 1,000 aircraft
            • Electronic VFR, VFR-SFRA, IFR and ICAO flight plan filing and closing
            • Hi-resolution U.S. VFR sectional, IFR low/high and TAC charts
            • Animated weather imagery from Velocity Weather by Baron
            • Map overlays menu with interactive AIRMETs, SIGMETs and SUA
            • GPS moving map with integrated flight data recorder
            • Virtual GPS compatibility with Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane
            • Expanded digital instrument panel with instrument approach timer
            • Customizable split-screen view with enhanced approach plate viewer
            • Intelligent cockpit voice recorder with auto-pause functionality
            • Comprehensive Airport/Facility Directory with national fuel prices
            • Cloud-based sync with iFlightPlanner.com, mobile.iFlightPlanner.com

    “We are extremely excited to be introducing iFlightPlanner for iPad v2.0,“ said Andy Matthews, iFlightPlanner’s Co- Founder & Director of Business Development. “An incredible amount of effort was put forth by our Crew to make so many great features come together in a way that not only responded to our members’ feedback but truly enhanced the overall experience of flying with iFlightPlanner. We couldn’t be more pleased!”

    In addition to the all-new feature set, iFlightPlanner for iPad v2.0 is one of the first comprehensive flight planning apps for pilots with an interface that fully complies with Apple’s iOS 7 Human Interface Guidelines. That design work was the catalyst for a similar redesign of iFlightPlanner.com, the hub of iFlightPlanner’s integrated flight planning solution.

    John Burnside, iFlightPlanner’s Co-Founder and Director of Technology, lead iFlightPlanner in its strategy to make the entire set of features work together seamlessly. “Through a lot of discussion with our members, it became clear that each critical element – whether it be the route, certified weather brief, or weight and balance – should share core information and be able to communicate with each other, preventing duplicate data entry by users. The restructured ‘Flights’ tab within the app is the result of that vision and has created the perfect foundation to introduce new features without overwhelming pilots.”

    One of the key features benefiting from this new foundation is iFlightPlanner Premium Business, iFlightPlanner’s multi- user platform designed for charter operators, corporate flight departments and flying organizations with the need to seamlessly share flight and aircraft information amongst their respective pilots, dispatchers, and members.

    The iFlightPlanner Crew will be at SUN ‘n FUN 2014, April 1 – 6, in Lakeland, FL with Sennheiser Aviation, the presenting sponsor of iFlightPlanner for iPad, in Booths B-084 and B-085. Pilots are encouraged to stop by for their personal introduction or visit www.iFlightPlanner.com for more information!

    iFlightPlanner Premium memberships start at just $9.95/month and include access to iFlightPlanner’s cloud-based flight planning technology across all of its platforms, including iFlightPlanner for iPad. iFlightPlanner Free memberships are available with no obligation and allow pilots to leverage much of iFlightPlanner’s web-based technology with limited, read-only functionality on the iPad. A one-time, 30-day free trial to iFlightPlanner Premium is also available via the App Store.

  • 27 Feb 2014 11:07 AM | by IMC News Service (Administrator)
    Aero TV Interview with Radek Wyrzykowski, IMC Club President

  • 24 Feb 2014 2:10 PM | by IMC News Service (Administrator)
    IMC Radio Debuts New Show Format

    Norwood, MA
    - IMC Radio, hosts of Plane Talk, presented listeners with a new format. Augmenting it’s news and opinion format with two new segments, The CFI Corner and The Buff Segment. During The CFI Corner host and CFI Dave Bashey breaks down topics that student pilot’s of all levels can learn from, like today’s discussion on why instructors teach their students various ways to stall an airplane.

    Host Jon Robert’s hosts the Buff Segment where he shares his life long love for aviation. Today’s Buff Segment took a look at the various generations of fighter planes including a discussion of the F-22 Raptor and the Joint Strike Fighter F35.

    Plane Talk is an informative, entertaining weekly show about aviation and a powerful voice in today’s aviation community. Listeners hear fresh perspectives on flight training topics, aviation related news and an expert perspective on topics like space exploration, super sonic flight, drone technology and more. The show has been on the air for three years and over 100 shows. Plane Talk’s listener base has grown substantially and now boasts one of the largest general aviation community podcast communities.

  • 06 Feb 2014 2:56 PM | by IMC News Service (Administrator)
    IMC Club is Opening “IFR Practical Experience Reference Base”

    Norwood, MA
    - IMC Club International has launched an IFR Airport Practical Tips Reference Base, a library of a “real life experiences” about arrival and departure to nations busiest and most challenging airports like Boston Logan International; Los Angeles; CA or Teterboro, NJ as well as rural airports.

    The IMC Club International wants to encourage pilots to share their experiences.

    All posts are based on actual experience of the pilot. They will be checked but not verified or endorsed by the IMC Club. They are going to be placed in a searchable database. This practical resource will be available for use by IMC Club members and other 501 (c)(3) non-profit charitable aviation organizations to help their volunteer pilots plan and execute their charitable flights. If you feel that your organization would like to offer this information exchange to your volunteer pilots, please contact IMC Club directly.

    Pilots submitting tips to the “IFR Practical Experiences Reference Base” will be rewarded with an entry to a drawing for a free Aviator II Sunglasses provided by Randolph Engineering. The newest IMC Club supporting corporate member. Originally built for the U.S. Military, the flagship Aviator surpasses rigid mil-spec standards. Standard issue since 1982, these are battle tested and relevant to the most rigorous and demanding use. Worn by pilots, tastemakers, and those who demand the best. Pilots can enter the contest by submitting as many practical experiences as they want, therefore increasing their chances to win.

    “This database, like everything at the IMC Club, is real life driven,” said Radek Wyrzykowski, President of the IMC Club. “I hope that our members together with other pilots will step forward and regularly submit practical experiences that will specially help support public benefit flight. I know a lot of these great volunteers who often must fly IFR and IMC to totally unknown environments. As we know, practical aspects of a flight are as important, if not more so, as any textbook knowledge.”

  • 20 Jan 2014 2:49 PM | by IMC News Service (Administrator)
    IMC Club Chapter is Coming to Oshkosh, WI

    Andy Miller - Fox Valley IMC Club Chapter LeaderOshkosh, WI
    - Pilots will meet next Tuesday on January 28 at 7 PM in Oshkosh, WI, the “capital of General Aviation”, to establish the Fox Valley Chapter of the IMC Club International.

    Safe instrument flying is a matter of mitigating risk, personal minimums and standard operating procedures. If you have and use sound judgment, establish personal minimums and good procedures, you can enjoy a long and successful career of instrument flying. However, the training program that you employ can make the difference between success and failure in your instrument flying endeavors.

    Andy Miller, IMC Club’s Fox Valley Chapter Leader is from Appleton, Wisconsin, where he hangars his Cessna 182 and helps staff the Teaching & Learning Center at Fox Valley Technical College. A Presenter and FIRC Instructor for the Air Safety Institute, he holds CFI-A, CFI-I, IGI, and AGI certificates, is a Redbird Simulator Certified Instructor, and has done graduate work on Flight Instruction with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Andy serves as a FAASTeam Lead Representative in the Great Lakes Region, and regularly flies Young Eagles and Angel Flight patients.

    "It is exciting to bring a great training opportunity like IMC Clubs to Wisconsin's Fox Valley, because Instrument Pilots and students from this area have had few opportunities before now. With the support of EAA, we hope the Fox Valley IMC Club will become a regular part of many IFR pilots' schedules." – said Mr. Miller - "We intend to use the inaugural meeting to determine our regular meeting schedule, and weigh the benefits of meeting in EAA's tremendous facilities against the advantage of rotating meeting locations across the Fox Valley."

    The inaugural gathering of the Fox Valley WI Chapter of the IMC Club is sponsored by the FAASTeam, and hosted by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), which is providing the Vette Theater in the EAA Aviation Center for the inaugural meeting. At the meeting, prospective members will be given the opportunity to interact with IMC Club founder and president Radek Wyrzykowski.

    “The location of this Chapter has a special meaning for me. I have always considered Oshkosh, WI as a symbol of General Aviation not only in the US, but also in the whole world. I want to say thank you to Andy Miller for volunteering to advance our mission of safety and I want to extend my deep appreciation for all the support and help we are receiving from the EAA” – commented Radek Wyrzykowski

    The IMC Club, through its worldwide chapters, provides organized “hangar flying” focused on building proficiency in instrument flying. Safety and proficiency are developed through education and experience. You can learn how you can use real world scenarios to increase your level of safety. An instrument rating is not required for attendance and membership in the IMC Club. The club was established as a learning resource for instrument-rated pilots, and for students pursuing their Instrument Rating.

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