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iFlightPlanner provides flight planning in few easy steps from any web browser or web-enabled mobile device. Use iFlightPlanner to:
  • Plan and explore flight routes with seamless IFR (or VFR) aviation charts and true route rubberbanding on a Google Maps interface
  • Automatically see weather at your favorite airports when you visit www.imcclubs.org
  • View enroute aviation weather, including animated RADAR, color-coded, translated METARs and TAFs, TFRs and graphical AIR/SIGMETs
  • Retrieve certified weather briefs
  • Perform weight & balance calculations in seconds
  • File & close FAA flight plans
  • View complete airport information
  • Log flights info into your online logbook.
  • Keep track of your IMC Club Inner Marker Member qualifications (coming soon).
iFlightPlanner Premium for IMC Club Members
Superior flight planning, integrated weight & balance, online logbook and more for only $69/year (Regular Price  $89.95/year), click here to enroll

IMC Club programming provided by EAA IMC, LLC a subsidiary of the Experimental Aircraft Association